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It's Okay Heat Transfer

It's Okay Heat Transfer

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“It's Okay ” heat transfer for garments 

this heat transfer is ready for any garment you have available. This includes 100% cotton. 
the application process is simple for applying at home to your garment! 
follow these steps and you will have 100% success in making beautiful garments for every occasion! 

1: Heat your heat press to 300 degrees at medium pressure

2: pre press your garment for 3-5 seconds 

3: shiny side up, place your REDI Transfer on your garment 

 4: Heat at medium pressure for 30 seconds

 5: pull garment away from heat and allow to completely cool (TIP: put it on a cool surface for faster cool down time) 

 6: quickly rip away the shiny part of the transfer - just like a band aid . 

7: place garment back under heat press with finishing sheet placed on top (provided with each order) 

 8: Heat for 15-20 seconds. 

9: carefully remove finishing sheet ensuring that none of your design sticks to it. 


just like transferring any other design! 

please check options for different sizes ! 



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