T-Shirt Order information

In order to get an accurate depiction of what an order of T-Shirts will be, please use the information below:

This information is intended for you to understand our rates and pricing. 

Name on Shirt/Sweatshirt like a name tag : $1.50 ea for (1) Color.

Small Logo on front of Shirt/Sweatshirt : $3.00 ea ( add $1.00 for each additional color)

Large Logo back of Shirt/Sweatshirt : $5.00 ea (add $1.00 for each additional color) 

These rates apply for vinyl application as of 8/30/2021

Clothing varies depending on what day its ordered and what the specifics are of the products. Please contact us to figure out price on clothing and different options we have.

Thank you.

Please contact us for more information or to place an order. 

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