Collection: DAP’s REDI Heat Transfers

DAPs REDI Heat transfers are just that! They are ready for YOU to iron on to any garment. Quality transfers that go on any material whether it be polyester or 100% cotton. There are no limitations on what our customs can look like! 

Easy application- anyone can apply it!


to use our transfers use the following instructions, this will also be included in your order ! 

1: Heat your heat press to 300 degrees at medium pressure . 

2: pre press your garment for 3-5 seconds 


3: shiny side up, place your REDI Transfer on your garment 


4: Heat at medium pressure for 30 seconds


5: pull garment away from heat and allow to completely cool (TIP: put it on a cool surface for faster cool down time) 


6: quickly rip away the shiny part of the transfer - just like a bandaid . 

7: place garment back under heat press with finishing sheet placed on top (provided with each order) 


8: Heat for 15-20 seconds. 

9: carefully remove finishing sheet ensuring that none of your design sticks to it. 


just like transferring any other design! 

let us do the work for you with DAPs REDI Transfers 


DAP’s REDI Heat Transfers