Welcome to 2021! 🎊

Welcome to 2021, I don’t know about you but we were OVER 2020! 
This is our first blog post on our page, we wanted to update to fill everyone in on what we have going on! 

we spent the holiday season making custom orders for Christmas gifts, we were overwhelmed but such a large support during the holiday season! 

However, meeting everyone’s needs can be very difficult! We’ve made the decision to have particular prices and sizes of our orders from here out. We will have the sizes available for you to chose at the time of your order! 

As most of you may know, we are now a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter ! YAY! We are the ONLY ship center in Houlton. We are able to create labels, package your shipment and get it out the door! We have boxes and tape available if need be! Or if you have your own label just stop by, say “hey” and drop your package! We will have our pricing on boxes available for everyone on our page (just give me time).


Although 2020 was a bad year, we are appreciative of the opportunities that last year gave us. We are here to serve our community and meet the needs of those around! Expect to see changes here at the beginning of the year including new products. And please, be patient. We are still learning to manage everything and what works best for us! 

from the DAP Creations family to yours, have an OUTSTANDING 2021, and don’t forget to come see us! 

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