Week One at our new location!

Week One at our new location!

Wow! We’re just about finished our first week at our new location, and what a week it has been! We’re still under constructions but we’re working steady everyday to make our changes, improve and become more available to YOU. We’ve really enjoyed the support from those all around that have spread the word and chose us for your shipping needs. 

this week we started something new. We’re really excited and hope that you all will be too. On our website you can contact us on our CHAT and get your shipping needs taken care of! Send us a message, let us know that you have a package or a few that you need shipped. We will check you address and make sure it’s in our radius. We will come get your package, weigh it (or package it if needed) , get the dimensions and create a label. Your part is to pay for the label before it’s shipped!  This is a service that we are offering , free of charge to compliment our FEDEX ShipCenter. We have found that this has helped with elderly customers or busy customers ! 

we are working on finding more ways that we can help our community and offer more services. Stay tuned for more updates in the future. And please, COME see us soon!  😃😃😃

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