Updates and Changes from the DAP Family

Updates and Changes from the DAP Family

Hello everyone!

Summer is coming to a sure end soon, and it hasn't been the best summer for us. Although, we do LOVE the warm weather. It keeps mom and dad sweaty and keeps the kids in the pool! We just returned from a week vacation and the weather was amazing the entire time! We all got some nice tans, caught some fish and swam our hearts out.

Unfortunately before we went on vacation we got some not-so exciting news. Our youngest daughter, the P in DAP has recently gotten an illness. She has a bone infection that is affecting her walking and her ability to participate in any "kid" activities. Luckily, she's got a team of doctors/surgeons that are working diligently on making her better. This does require that she is on high dose medications that make her sick. We are giving this our full attention - as we should. 

These events have effected how we can serve our customers. We apologize whole-heartedly to our customers - however, our children and family will forever come first. Delays in orders and responses are due to these unforeseen circumstances.  

These circumstances will not be changing anytime soon. As a little back story - We have been in and out of the doctors office and emergency room since October 2021 with these same issues. It has been made clear that these issues have grown dramatically since then and have created a bigger problem than she deserves. 

There will be a lot of out of town trips and "emergency" appointments coming in the future that will limit our ability to be present at our store and unavailable to talk. 

DAP Creations is taking some time to re-design DAP Creations to serve the needs of our family as well as our long term and new customers. We don't entirely know what these changes will mean yet. We have ideas to benefit everyone but are taking some time to plan and implement them.

We hope all of our new and old customers understand and support us through this new journey. 

For now, what you need to know is that we are taking new orders, we are eliminating overhead, we are requiring pre payment, the store will be closed for now. However, we are doing local delivery and pickup . Our phone lines and messaging lines are open for crafting supplies and other orders. 

We will have more information as it comes to us. For now, this is our plan and we will let you know when our re-design is complete to see what we have to offer for you. 

We appreciate EVERY SINGLE one of you. We hope you understand and we hope to see you in the future for your custom product orders. 


Signed- the DAP Creations family. 

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So sorry too to hear this about your beautiful daughter ❤ and prayers 🙏 for you all. I’m here if you need me

DEBRA McLaughlin

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