October Update!

October Update!

Good Morning from the DAP Creations FAM!

It's mid October and we finally had to put fuel in the house (I've been refusing he he ). It's starting to get cold here in Northern Maine. 

On to other news, We are accepting NEW orders for customizable products. Well, all of our other products too.

Our products are specialized to meet a VARIETY of different customers.

We have our Graphic T-Shirts/Hoodies/Crewnecks that are available to purchase right on our website. We've also added our local pick up feature as well as local delivery. Of course our shipping option is always available too.

As a reminder, if you can't find what you want on our website feel free to message us VIA any social media platforms, chat on our website or even email us at dapcreations2020@gmail.com

I know it is early to start thinking of Christmas - but is it really?

With the price of everything going up in the world its difficult to do the "day before" shopping. With us, our prices are consistent and don't change unless we announce that to you. Your prices will stay the same! 

Don't forget to shop local this season. For custom products get your orders in so there isn't a delay. 

We DON'T forget our crafters when deciding what we sell. We have our vinyl mystery bundles available and they have been a HUGE hit. We also offer our White Toner Transfers that adhere to any material. It takes the POLYESTER out of the equation, it takes the weeding out of the equation and creates an easy way to get your graphic Ts without breaking the bank. 

For our business followers, the seasons are changing and so aren't your apparel needs. We have PLENTY of options for creating perfect products for your customers or employees. We have the ability to find products that YOU want even if they aren't on our website. The possibilities are REALLY endless at DAP Creations. Feel Free to scroll our website or shoot us a message for your customized quote!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful October. It isn't too late to get your fall or Halloween apparel/transfers/mystery bundles be sure to shop on our site!

We will be out of the office the 26th and 27th of October. We will be making the trip to Boston for our "P" in DAP. She has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. We will have more details about how this effects her when we take the trip. We ask for your patience and understanding through these dates as we may not be readily available.

If we have missed any of you on invoicing, please reach out to us again because somethings get lost in messenger.

We hope to see you all this season and can't wait to serve YOU! 


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