Exciting Changes!!!!

Exciting Changes!!!!

Thanks for joining us, once again, for a detailed blog post. (LOL) 

We are excited to announce some new things about our business. To begin, on June 1, 2021 DAP Creations will be moving to its FOREVER home at 233 court street in Houlton! We understand that this may cause frustration and be a little out of the way for you, but we will still be around! Its about 1.6 miles from our current location. This is what is best for the business as well as our family. Someday our  run this business so we need to get in all the training that we can! We will be located in the BIG red barn which is formally known as the Benn Farm. We have converted the barn into our own store that will really meet our personality! We are hoping to be able to add more services to our business throughout this summer. So stay tuned, there might be something you need!


Next, we are sorry to inform you that we will no longer be creating custom creations. Local businesses that we have worked with in the past - please reach out to us individually. While creating our awesome creations we found that the market was over saturated and we were doing work that we didn't enjoy as much. But we did realize one thing - this community doesn't have the supplies that you WONDERFUL people and myself need to create our "craft". We were annoyed with no last minute supplies if we needed it and the lack of variety that there is in the area. We have decided to take the leap and offer these supplies to our community. We are an Authorized Siser vinyl dealer. We are hoping to include blank supplies and other supplies that some may need in the future. We have a survey on our homepage of our website that we need your help with. We want to carry what YOU need in our store. Participate in our survey for your chance to win a $50 gift card that will be drawn on May 20th! We currently have a lot of vinyl and supplies in stock, we just received lots of new blades and awesome vinyl designs for you to check out! 

We are still shipping through FedEx and will continue to after the move, if you need labels or package drop offs please find us at our new location. We can ship anywhere in the world and we have GREAT rates. We also do not see a lot of delays in package deliveries. Canadian and have packages in the US? Give us a call, for a small fee we will handle the leg work! As a reminder, if you are shipping internationally with your own fedex account number please provide 4 customs invoices when you come in. 

We are in the process of setting up to be able to complete faxes and printing and copying as well, so please reach out to us if you are in need of this! 


Check out our map to see the location of where we will be located as of June 1! Stop by and see us, and if you have any suggestions of services you would like to see in our store please reach out to us! We always want to improve our business and provide what YOU need! 


Thank you for taking the time to not only read about exciting changes but also for supporting our business. We are so grateful to not only see our wonderful customers everyday, but spend time as a family building this. 


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